The Complete Guide to Best Crystals for Anxiety (2021)

Many people still struggle to overcome anxiety despite awareness campaigns about it and its root causes. Our society has been plagued with anxiety disorders over the years. This is especially true because people can be entertained by technology while being disconnected from others. Stress, poor health, anxiety, people around you, and the environment can all contribute to anxiety disorders. Anxiety can be caused by many different factors, and it could even turn into a serious condition.

Depending on the root cause of the condition, doctors and medication are available to assist. Others prefer natural remedies, self-treatment techniques, and crystals to ease their anxiety. This is something that not everyone realizes. It is important to know which crystal you should use depending on your anxiety.

Best Crystals For Anxiety

Anxiety and depression are common in people who feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges and who have difficulty coping with everyday stresses. This condition can be treated with alternative medicines, such as crystals for anxiety.

Crystals are not just decorative items that can be used in jewelry and other home decors. Some people have experienced their healing powers. Crystals, also known as natural rock formations or crystals, are believed to possess mystical healing properties based on Einstein’s theory of energy. These anxiety crystals and stones have a frequency and vibration that can be connected to the body, which results in the healing of physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions.

Stones can help people to re-align their body’s frequency. Crystals can help restore one’s health and frequency if it is low. Higher frequencies are associated with better health, which leads to better energy and flow.

You can’t simply pick up any stone to heal yourself. There is a stone that can treat every condition, such as anxiety healing crystals. You need to be sure you are getting the right treatment for your condition. You should also be aware of the potential side effects if the crystals are not perfect.

Only when the root cause of anxiety is identified, crystals and stones for anxiety can be effective. To regain balance between anxiety, stress, and the person who is suffering from it, the first step is to get back in touch with yourself. You can achieve a calm state of mind by doing this. Here is a list of the best crystals to help anxiety.


This dark blue stone, also known as the “Stone of Peace”, is great for calm and relaxation. People who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks will find Soladite useful. With its soothing energy, it can help to restore emotional balance. This crystal can help one feel calm and relaxed by releasing guilt and fears. Sodalite can also help you regain your faith in yourself. It can balance your metabolism, which can lead to anxiety and panic attacks.

This stone can be carried in your purse, wallet, or pocket to give you a sense of calm and security. This crystal can help you avoid getting too emotional. Sodalite is a great crystal to help you express yourself if you have difficulty communicating your thoughts.


This blue power gem is one of the most effective calming crystals to reduce anxiety. It is commonly found in wands or points. It is considered a tranquilizing gemstone that blocks out negativities such as anger, frustration, stress, and sadness.

This crystal can balance the body’s energy, making it an excellent stone for aligning the chakras. It is often used to meditate and can provide grounding spiritual vibrations that can help you gain greater wisdom. Kyanite doesn’t cling to any negative energy so it can be washed and cleaned without need.


A moonstone is a great option for those who are troubled by negative emotions or violent reactions to situations. It can also help with emotional instability and stress relief. This “Stone of Motherhood” is a creamy stone that is believed to balance female hormones. It is considered one of the best crystals to relieve anxiety. It can stabilize emotions and increase intuition.

This stone is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their psychic abilities. This stone can be taken with you to stimulate your psychic abilities. This crystal can help you to deal with emotions that are out of balance.

Rose Quartz

The stone of unconditional love attracts love in all forms. This includes self-love. To promote emotional harmony, it is important to love oneself. If you feel stressed or down, you can take a warm bath, rest, or do things you love. You can remind yourself of self-care by placing this stone next to your bed or using it as a massage stone.

This pink crystal is known for bringing love and peace. It can also be purifying and reassuring, as well as reducing anxiety, stress, and trauma. It prevents negative emotions from dominating your life and instead creates loving vibrations that boost self-esteem and support you in your emotional well-being. Rose quartz is an excellent gem for the heart chakra and acts as an emotional healer.


Shungite, one of the most effective crystals for anxiety, is ideal for stressful environments. It is known for its purifying properties, which help to eliminate any potential dangers from the surrounding environment. It acts as an electrical shield and is a great stone for computer users. It attracts positive energy, repels negativity, and brings calmness to the mind.

To protect yourself from harm, it is a good idea to keep shungite in your car or bad. This stone can help you clear your environment from the smog that contributes to anxiety and stress.


This crystal is good for panic attacks and can help to calm emotions caused by past traumas. It can help you deal with anger and other volatile emotions. Howlite protects users from negative emotions while teaching patience, wisdom, and perseverance.

Do you struggle to get good sleep? Simply by placing the Howlite crystal under your pillow, you can get better sleep. A howlite elixir can be taken one hour before you go to sleep. Make an elixir by soaking the stone in spring water for 12 hours. Keep it in a tightly sealed bottle and enjoy it every night. If you wish to keep it for more than a week, add half a bottle of vodka or brandy and store it in a cool dark place.


This stone is a stone of joy and abundance. It can also help with financial worries and anxiety. Citrine is a great stone for attracting abundance, especially if worn daily. This crystal can be used as a warning system to alert you when you are feeling vulnerable. It activates your chakras, cleansing and activating them so that you can attain balance and feel more confident.

This stone can help you to calm down during stressful times and allow you to move on instead of becoming stuck in a negative situation. This crystal also has solar power and doesn’t need to be cleaned. It is safe to wear all day because it emits gentle energy. You can restore inner calmness by doing this.


This can not only ease your mental disorders and psychological pressure but also protect you against electromagnetic stress from deep below the earth, such as energies from underground pipes or power lines.

Fluorite can help you achieve emotional balance, stabilize emotions and allow you to think clearly so that it is possible to make better decisions. This multicolored stone, also known as “Rainbow Keeper”, is known to invoke harmony and balance.


The carnelian stone is a good option if you are feeling depressed by your negative thoughts. This orange-red stone can help you overcome fear and reduce your feelings of depression. This stone can be used to boost energy and anxiety when you feel down or anxious.

This crystal will help you keep going, and it will also help you maintain a positive outlook, no matter what happens in your life. This crystal can help you to feel confident and avoid anxiety.

Black Tourmaline

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed and anxious. Black tourmaline can be used to stop feeling overwhelmed and prevent worrying thoughts. It can repel negative energy and turn it into light vibrations, so you’ll feel better.

You can carry this stone with you or just hold it when you feel anxious. This stone will help you to resolve your uncertainties and protect you from electromagnetic frequencies. This stone can be used to help you replace negative energy with positive, light-colored energy.

These are the top crystals to help ease anxiety. You now know which one you should bring when you feel down.

How to use crystals for anxiety

There are many ways to use crystals for anxiety. Simply holding the crystal while you meditate can help to overcome negative thoughts and bring joy into your life. You can use crystals to help keep your mind from wandering. To feel calm and relaxed, simply place the crystals on both your hands. Meditation with crystals for anxiety relief will make you feel grounded and anchored.

By soaking the crystal in warm water, you can make your anti-anxiety remedy. This can be mixed with organic raw honey, lemon, and ground ginger. You can also place crystals to reduce anxiety by placing them beside your bed. This will help you sleep peacefully.

You might like to take a bag with you when you go out. A small pouch is a good option if you have a crystal. You can also add essential oils or herbs to your pouch to create relaxing scents like lavender. This will amplify the energy of the crystal and add relaxing scents to your bag.

Wearing your crystals in jewelry, clothing, or beauty products is the best way to use them. These precious stones can give you more vibrational energy, particularly if you choose the right crystals for anxiety. One can be tucked in your bra!

Combinations of crystals for anxiety

There are many options when it comes to crystals for anxiety. Why not combine them? Combining blue lace agate and shungite to reduce anxiety is one of the best combinations. These stones are soothing for those suffering from anxiety. These stones will calm your mind and help you make good decisions.

You can also combine amethyst with peridot and Smoky Quartz. Amethyst can be used in conjunction with intuition to overcome sadness. Smoky quartz helps to ground you and opens your mind. Peridot can be used to soothe your emotional wounds and prevent tension. These can be combined to make a great combination for those who are anxious or stressed.

Crystals to Help You Travel With Anxiety

While traveling is fun, stress can make it difficult to travel. You can keep your mind calm and relaxed by bringing some crystals to combat travel anxiety, such as amethyst. This stone will ensure that you have peace of mind on your trip. You want to have fun and be in the moment. Anxiety and stress can take the joy out of having fun.

Consider carrying an amethyst if you’re on a trip. To reduce anxiety, keep it in your pocket or purse. You can travel anywhere you want without worrying and will enjoy every moment of your trip.

Crystals to Help Child Anxiety

Crystals for anxiety in children are recommended if they are anxious, have trouble dealing with anger or other negative emotions. The red tiger eyes for emotional control and the golden tiger eye for boosting emotion are two examples. Carnelian is good for emotional balance, while amethyst or red calcite can be used to calm anxiety and OCD symptoms in children.

Crystals to Reduce Social Anxiety

Bring some crystals to help you socialize and interact with others if you have trouble socializing at work, school, or shopping. Rose quartz can be self-empowering and will allow you to feel good about yourself. This will make it easier to not worry about what other people think. While smokey quartz can transform negative emotions into positive ones, red and yellow jasper are stones for communication and unity.

Crystals for dogs with anxiety

Anxiety can affect dogs, especially dogs who live with humans. Pet owners need to know which crystals are best for anxiety in dogs. Amber is calming and energizing, while amethyst decreases stress. Black tourmaline can be used to protect your dog from negative emotions and other physical energies.

Selenite is a good option for clearing negative energies. It can also be used to treat seizures in dogs and humans. Clear quartz, on the other hand, can reduce emotional distress and has amplifying benefits for dogs. This crystal is the best for your pet.

Where can I buy crystals for anxiety?

You can find crystals to help with anxiety in many places. They can be purchased in physical shops, but they can also be ordered online. You can also shop at Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and eBay for crystals such as Crystal Age, Natures for You, and Crystal Guidance.


Stress and anxiety can be caused by the fast-paced lifestyle we live today. Many people feel anxious because of different reasons, such as their job, family, or other problems. People may prefer to use alternative healing methods such as crystals and herbs, even though medicines can be helpful.

The best crystals to help anxiety can be a great way to relieve this condition. You should remember that choosing the right crystal will help you meet your needs. To reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms, you should choose the best crystals. You’ll have a happier life and more positivity around you.