Marijuana’s Positive and Negative Aspects

Many people consume marijuana for relaxation. It can be in free time with friends and colleges or during clubbing and parting. Marijuana can really improve the mood of consumers. They often become more relaxed, and the enjoyment is usually followed by a constant laugh. This sounds and looks truly interesting, so many decide to take the part in those funny activities.

At first, marijuana provides different benefits on a temporary basis, and the effects can last several hours. You will then become fully conscious again, so if you want to experience the effects again, you would have to take a new dose. Marijuana is not overly expensive, so it is not a very big cost to purchase it daily. That makes it available to virtually anyone who has some incomes.

Different Side Effects Possible Depending on Various Circumstances

On the other hand, marijuana can create different side-effects that might range from mild to severe ones. The consumers are usually unaware of these because they only heard positive things about cannabis.

They think it is a harmless plant, but the truth might be the opposite. Some of the most common side-effects are fear, anxiety, hallucinations, problems with memory, increased risk of heart attack and stroke, issues with coordination as well as many others more or less noticeable problems.

These can happen immediately after consumption, and they are considered short-time side effects. Regular consumers can also develop long-term complications because of the constant use of this plant. Those include an IQ decline, inability to learn and solve complex problems, antisocial behavior, low life satisfaction, financial difficulties, and many others.

Marijuana is Often a Gateway for Hard Drugs

Also, regular consumers have a significantly higher chance to start consuming hard narcotics such as heroin or cocaine, and that’s the biggest danger of all. These are the main reasons why laws of almost all countries recognize marijuana as a narcotic. People who have contact with this substance can end up in jail in those jurisdictions, and penalties are often pretty harsh, so they can stand inside for years.

Different Regulations and Rules from One Jurisdiction to Another

The most extreme countries even implemented capital punishment for the most notorious drug offenders, so it is definitely not recommended to have any contact with marijuana in any of those countries. There are also some countries and territories with liberal laws, and marijuana is even entirely legal there.

California is one of the examples when it comes to freedom of possession and consumption. These regulations are totally opposite to the federal law of the United States. But it does not change the fact that you can freely buy and use cannabis in a marijuana dispensary in California. They usually have everything you need for that activity.

Domestic Cannabis Brands in California

You can purchase California marijuana developed by domestic brands, and it is quite a big industry in that state. The worth of producer’s companies is constantly growing thanks to the rise of the demand on the market. The good thing is that many people actually make money from this business, but the bad thing is the potential danger of serious misuse.

That’s especially true because marijuana is not allowed for medical purposes only, but it is possible to legally buy this product for recreational consumption as well. The time will show if this design was the right one.