Why Roblox Game Is So Great And You Should Start Playing It Now

The first episode of “The Misadventures and Master Moley,” the new animated TV series, will be released by Boomerang, a Warner-Brothers cable network. It will air at the end of November. The show will not be available to children until they have access to Roblox, an online gaming platform that allows them to explore the “Master Moley” universe.

“Master Moley” is a story about a mole living in MoleTown, a city below Windsor Castle. The Roblox game “Welcome to MoleTown” is designed to promote that world to potential viewers. This is one of the most interesting examples of a new frontier in advertising: Roblox games branded to direct players towards new movies, TV, and, increasingly, toys and other retail products.

Roblox’s marketing potential is obvious. The marketing potential exploits of Roblox are obvious. The company was launched in 2006 and has just filed to go public. boasts more than 150 million monthly users and its most popular game “Adopt Me!” has been played over 10 billion times. Roblox already has proven its ability for monetization: Roblox users spent $1.2 billion in-game currency in the first nine months, an increase of 171% over last year.

Roblox’s potential as a marketing tool is still very young. Roblox’s popularity has increased dramatically over the past two years. Roblox is far more user-friendly than other gaming platforms. This makes it easy for small brands to build an audience. Modern Retail was told by one agency that even grocers are interested in creating their own games.

Roblox’s advertising is currently rudimentary. It consists of banner ads as well as in-game wardrobe collaborations. For Roblox, Nike, for example, created virtual Air Max shoes for the game. Roblox’s “Adopt Me!” game partnered with “Scoob!” to offer a Scooby-Doo. Roblox also aims to make virtual concerts. Ava Max and Lil Nas X performed live for millions of Roblox users. However, branded games may prove to be the most effective form of advertising on the platform.

Roblox is not the only media property that uses Roblox to generate hype. Roblox has its own Roblox games for the movie “Wonder Woman” as well as the TV series “Ben 10”. “Welcome To MoleTown”, however, is Roblox’s first major attempt to promote a brand new IP. It will be a test of Roblox’s ability to get its young users excited about a new product.

Modern Retail was informed by Tami Bhaumik (Vice President of Marketing at Roblox), that there are many possibilities to create authentic and immersive experiences for your brand.

Roblox is gaining popularity as retailers form increasingly strong partnerships to major video games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, and Animal Crossing. Roblox functions in a different way than Fortnite and Minecraft. It’s an app that acts like an online arcade, with millions of user-created games that can be accessed by users. It is simple to create and find games. This makes Roblox a great advertising tool. With just one swipe, users can create a new game.

Roblox doesn’t require any additional installation. Andrew Douthwaite is the chief operating officer of Dubit, a kids’ research, and design studio. Boomerang and Douthwaite have been working together to create “Welcome To MoleTown”.

Although most games are designed to promote movies and TV shows, there are hints that brick-and-mortar businesses are also interested in the Roblox universe. Hot Wheels launched a brand new, free-to-play Roblox game last week. Douthwaite is in touch with a grocery chain that is looking into making Roblox games that offer healthy eating tips for children.

Roblox games are much easier to create than the branded Wii or Xbox games of earlier times. Roblox is easy to use for kids who have some coding skills. Brands looking to get into the gaming world can also benefit from this easy-to-use infrastructure.

Opener platform

Roblox’s unique advantage is its lack of gatekeepers, which is a major selling point. Douthwaite stated that Epic is required to sign a deal for brands to launch on Fortnite. Roblox, however, is an open platform. Anybody can create a game there. There is nothing to stop you from creating your own games.

Douthwaite said that Roblox kids like to see the brands they are playing on Roblox. He estimates there are between 500 and 600 fan-made games to the WWE. Roblox games are created when kids love a product or media property.

Roblox’s interface is more like a scrollable social networking site than other gaming platforms. It’s designed to make discovery easy. Douthwaite spent $190 to promote the “Master Moley” game. This ad received 11k hits.

A branded game must be entertaining in order to succeed. He said that Roblox allows kids to have fun and create a social environment. It must be flexible in the form of a lobby, where children can come in and chat, check out the lake, and then let’s race the racing game.

Douthwaite doesn’t completely abandon the advertising side of things, however. His team has placed subtle reminders within the MoleTown universe that this gaming universe has an associated TV show. One point in the tunnel is where players can see posters reminding them they can watch Master Moley on Boomerang.

Douthwaite stated, “At the end you want to drive people towards the show.” “You want kids to know that you enjoy the game. Here’s the show.”