Ultimate Beginner’s Guide For Clash of Clans Game

Attacking is the main theme of this game and what we will be focusing on. You can steal resources from resource buildings you destroy when you attack an enemy base. This is the best way to advance in the game. But these buildings will be defended against enemy traps and towers. You will need to make sure your troops are effective against enemy defenses in order to launch a successful attack.

Before we get into the details of how to attack well, it is important that you use the “next button” to take your time to locate a base with a high payout and low defenses that you can clear confidently.

Some bases are difficult to find. Others have very little loot. Keep searching for the jackpot!
So you have found your jackpot base. Now you want to make sure that you get all of the loot. There are two things you should consider when deciding how to attack.

Composition of the Army

We’ll start with the army composition. There are three major types of troops: “tanks”, “brawlers”, and “nukers.”

You might argue that bowler is brawler or dragon is tank or pekka brawler or other similar terms. These categories are not meant to be complete, but they can give you an idea of what the basics are.

Tanks are very hit-prone but have a slow damage output. These guys will be the ones taking all the hits. The enemy towers are stupid and will hit anything in their path until it dies. They then target the nearest thing. Tanks are troops that can withstand enemy tower shots and position themselves to be hit first by enemy towers.

Brawlers are medium in hitpoints and have short range. They also have high damage output. These should be deployed mid-attack to allow you to break through the hard, central core of the enemy base and clean up any straggler towers. These can take a few hits but will outlast your tanks quickly once deployed. Don’t deploy them too soon or they’ll not survive the core.

These nukers are very hitpoint-friendly, but they can also do a lot of damage. These nukers have very low hitpoints but high damage. They must always have a tank in their sight they will quickly die if they are targeted. They are however necessary to do enough damage to eliminate the enemy base in order to win. After the tanks have been placed, place them behind your tank line.

You will likely need about a third of your army for tank units. The rest for nukers and brawlers. You don’t have to believe me. You can start with what I have said and then modify it to find the right fit for you.

This army on the website is mainly made up of brawlers with some archers and wizards to help us take down our castle defenders. It is crucial that the heals to keep the hogs alive after they have landed big bombs or hit a lot of wizard towers.

You will need to decide which spells to bring if you have not yet unlocked them. Some spells work well with some troops while others don’t. While we won’t get into all the details, here’s a quick overview:

Truly Effective Troop Deployment

Once you have an idea of the troops you want to bring, let’s talk about how to deploy them. Although I have already spoken about the timing, it is worth repeating:

  • To distract enemy towers, first, you must get your tanks in front. You can see the line formation keeping them moving in the middle and blocking any enemy fire.
  • After your tanks are deployed, place your nukers behind them. To clear out any side buildings, you will need some nukers in the middle to push through the main enemy center. To get to the base, you may need to use wall breakers. To maintain a line, open at least two paths.
  • Drop your spells when you’re surrounded by towers. This will give you an extra boost to get through defenses quickly. I used rage to increase the time they were frozen and poison to stop their attacks.
  • The wall wrecker contained the heal and clone that I had hidden from my brawlers.
  • You should time your brawler releases so that they are ahead of your tanks after your main core has been defeated. These are great for eliminating straggler defenses. To increase my hog force, and toughness, I’m using clone & heal.
  • The concept of “Rather Than Being” is a very important one.”Fluting”These are the things you need to be familiar with. The basic principle is that troops will attack another building if they destroy one.

This means that your troops will not be able to gather in one place. Instead, they will form two groups that move sideways around the enemy base. They can take a lot of damage, but without destroying the main defenses and getting to the town hall.

To avoid this happening, you will need to create a line formation to clear a whole side. Start at the corners and then fill in the middle by alternating sides. This will “funnel” your troops forward rather than sideways. If all buildings on each side have been destroyed, there is only one way forward. This is how you get your men to move straight into the middle.

The Clan Castle in Battle

Last but not least, be aware that enemy bases may have troops stationed in defense of their clan castle. It is impossible to tell if a base has castle defenses until you are close enough to it. Before you deploy your main force, you might want to test this with one archer or barbarian.

You can defeat any base with defenders by using an archer or giant to activate their castle defense. Then, use a series of archers to lure them into a corner and kill them without having to worry about enemy towers. To absorb their attacks, use a ring made of archers and some wizards to deal damage. You can also poison them if you have it!

You can sacrifice one lady at a while to the dragon until it is gone.

To make it easier for the archer to pick them off one at a time, place them in a ring. To ensure that they don’t get the first one killed, put wizards around archers. This works for all units. You should keep the valkyrie still by dropping one unit beside her.

Once they have been destroyed, get some tanks in front of your troops before they can get into the range of enemy towers. Then, you can continue your funneling as usual.

*You can only see the castle’s inventory if you’re in clan war. Before you attempt to attack the towers, make sure you have taken out all castle troops!

That should get you started with attacks. You can find many other videos and guides that you could use to learn specific composition techniques, but I recommend you practice and experiment to get an idea of it before you seek specific advice.

Other functions of the Clan Castle

You will find many functions for the clan castle in the game. First, it is where you can access the menu to join the clan. Second, you will need to join the clan to get the most fun and best bonuses in this game.

If you’re a member of a clan, troop donations can be requested as often as 20 minutes (15 or 10 for high-ranking clans). This is huge because it allows you to have at least 10 extra army spaces and up to 45 when your army capacity is maxed out. It allows you to have a larger army, and you can also receive very high-level troops if your clan mates are super high! A few max-level troops can take down an entire enemy base by themselves in the beginning.

Clan castle troops can be used to defend against attackers, instead of using troops for the offense. They will be available to defend again or attack if they are able to survive the battle. You can also put the castle on “sleep”, so your troops won’t have to defend it.

The castle is yours to use all the time. It’s like an army camp with super troops. However, don’t be too pushy about obtaining fast donations. It could be annoying and cause you to get kicked.

Because it loses only a small amount when it is raided, the clan castle is a valuable tool in resource management. It is easy to accumulate a few thousand loots and then take out the castle loot to instantly obtain a tower. This will allow you to avoid getting raided for large quantities of loot as you get close to what you need. You should make sure you don’t take the loot out of the castle until it is needed. It is more likely to be stolen from storage than it is from the castle.

Builders and Laboratory

These are the most crucial aspects of progressing in this game. The laboratory and builders are the only way to unlock the rest and improve your defenses and offenses. The game only allows you to start with two builders. Additional builders cost gems and can be unlocked permanently, increasing your progress rate. You won’t be able to spend any gems on anything else until all five builders are completed.

It is important to know that building and upgrading times increase at every TH level. By the way, “TH”, means “Town Hall.” Initially, upgrades can take several hours. However, as you move up, upgrades will take days. Upgrades take between 12-18 days each by the end.

It’s not true. 428 days of lab work to reach TH11 and TH12. It’s okay. You’ll have books, hammers, and potions so it’s not that bad.

It will take patience to win this game. To get through the game quickly, you would need to invest thousands of dollars. The monthly pass is a great way to move quickly at a fair price. It’s worth about 5-20 times more than other deals. The most important thing is to get as many builders as possible and keep the building.

Note: Many players prefer to have one builder to help with walls. These are very expensive but can be upgraded quickly. You might run out of workers and be unable to use your resources until you have builders available.

Types of resources

Three resources are available in this game: dark elixir (gold), elixir (elixir), and gold. Dark elixir cannot be unlocked until you reach TH7 (town hall 7).

You can use gold to upgrade defenses and for searching for enemy bases for raiding. It will be used to build siege machines in the future, but that is likely to come later. Unless…

You can use Elixir to build offensive troops, upgrade troops at the laboratory and improve your offensive capabilities.

These are more costly than regular elixir stuff. Heroes, however, are free to use, but extremely expensive to upgrade. Your looting will go to upgrading heroes and walls.

Dark Elixir is used to upgrade and build a second set of offensive troops, spells and heroes, and also for building and upgrading them. At TH7, the first hero is available, with another at each of the TH levels (9 to 11 and 13).

The cost of dark elixir is much higher than the speed at which you can acquire it. This means that you will have to spend a lot more time gathering resources in order to be able to upgrade your DE. This works out well because upgrades can take quite a while.

The dynamics work in this fashion: When you upgrade your TH for the first time, you’ll want to quickly upgrade your offenses. They are the fastest and most valuable, and they also help you get more loot. You’ll be able to use less elixir once you have all your elixir buildings fully upgraded. Gold will also become more valuable for you in order to advance your defensive buildings.

Once you reach TH7, offensive upgrades (elixir), defensive towers (gold), heroes (DE), troop upgrades (elixir, DE), and finally walls (gold) are the first things you need to do. Depending on your townhall level, you will find different resources that you can use while raiding.

There are many ways to get loot.

Sources of loot 1 – Mine, Collector, Pump

This is a passive way to gather resources. It doesn’t require you to play. All you need is to log in and tap the icon. It is important to know that 75% of the loot you have will be lost if someone destroys your gold mines and elixir collection. If you want to get the most out of these loot, ensure you grab it before your shield runs out.

If you are a very active player, you may be frustrated by the time it takes to upgrade these collectors. They give so little compared to raiding. It is possible to ignore these collectors and focus on your offense or defense.

Sources of loot 2 – Raiding other players’ bases

You should look for bases with loot in both the mines and the storage. Also, bases with low defense towers.

Attacking enemy bases is the best way to gain resources in this game. To increase your profits, you should use cheap troops. You get 75% of the value of a mine or collector destroyed. You get a smaller percentage if you remove storage. This is so that nobody loses too much.

It is worth spending some time on the “next button” to search for enemy bases to raid. This will allow you to use the full collection/mines and storages buttons. You should also look for bases with weak defenses and weakly defended resources to ensure you get as much loot as possible.

You can tell by looking at the loot where it is located. This means that you will be able to see if it is in the collectors/mines or the storage. You can’t get the loot if you destroy the wrong buildings!

Sources of loot: Star and League bonus

Here’s some context. You can either win or lose trophies each time you attack an enemy base.

  • You will lose all trophies if you lose the battle.
  • You get 2 stars and 2/3rds the normal trophy gain.
  • You get 1/3rd the usual trophy gain if you get just 1 star.

You can also lose or gain more points if your trophy level is higher than that of the enemy.

You can gain more or less if you are lower in trophy than your enemy.

This will ensure that you can rise up the trophy league ladder with a high rate of wins and 3 stars over time. A lower trophy league will fall with a low rate of wins. Although trophies don’t have much function in the game they do determine how much loot and star bonuses you receive. Greater bonuses are given to players who belong to higher leagues.

After you have won enough trophies to reach the bottom league, you will be able to receive a small loot reward for each successful attack against an opponent. This is in addition to any loot that you steal from his buildings. While you don’t have to win 100% to receive the full league bonus, it will increase the amount of loot that is seized from his buildings if you destroy more bases. The more you earn from the league bonus, the higher your league rank.

The loot bonus for upgrades is usually quite small and relatively insignificant. Some players try to push for a higher league with a lower level base to make the league bonus useful as a farming tool. This is a more difficult task and requires a lot of time. You’ll likely ignore any league bonuses if you’re more casual.

The league bonus per attack can also be linked to the daily star bonus you get for collecting 5 stars every day. Star bonuses can be very substantial, especially if you push for trophies. The more you rank in a league, the higher you receive.

You can also get a “star bonus”, which is a bonus that you can receive once per day, in addition to the league bonus. The size of the bonus varies depending on which league you are in. The star bonus can “save” up to two days worth star bonuses at once — one from yesterday and one from today. You can still receive all the daily star bonuses if you play every other day.

Another note: The bonus from the star bonus goes towards the clan castle, not the storages. Make sure there is enough room for it before you get it! Don’t overflow your clan castle or use it immediately. The castle will lose the most resources if it is destroyed. Loot is more secure in the castle than it is in storage.