Experience With Valheim Game Hosting With Docker

Valheim is all of the rages nowadays, exceeding even Dota two with 500K summit players around February 21st, 2020, and crossing its own 6 million earnings mark only a couple of days back. Just as much as I would love to proclaim myself because a nonconformist, I am embarrassed to say I succumbed to Valheim’s cryptic charm.

I picked this up the game only more than 3 weeks ago and the first thing that I did, given that my obsession with using all self hosting, would be to come across the most cost-efficient method to sponsor a dedicated host to get it.

What Exactly Is Valheim?

If you’ve been living under a stone, Valheim is now the latest survival sandbox game in the marketplace manufactured by the developer, Iron Gate Studios, containing a group of just five people. Valheim’s summit players statistics on Steam at the same point was 2nd just to counter-strike: world wide Offensive (CS: GO), which is very notable since it is just in Historical Accessibility and it has just been published for slightly over a month afterward.

Why sponsor a separate host?

Valheim conveys a striking similarity with all Minecraft and also other similar sandbox games and as a consequence of the shares, exactly the exact reasons behind a separate host is an essential addition to this gambling experience.

To initiate the game, the gamer needs to first generate a universe before developing a personality that in turn combines this newly-generated universe. Some sort of, when loaded with the gamer’s computer (server ) and configured to become offered to additional players, is subsequently equivalent to a host. Multiplayer is accomplished by encouraging different players to combine the game.

This version makes sense to get a sandbox game whilst the definition of a sandbox signifies isolation from outside influences, together with each participant developing their world and/or linking different worlds. Without isolation, Valheim is a little different from the average MMORPG.

The only real catch here is that whenever the server stops the game, the rest of the players from the host are instantly disconnected and won’t have the ability to re join precisely exactly the exact identical world unless the server is online and also in-game.

This generates a less fun adventure, particularly since it’s becoming increasingly hard to get a frequent timeslot one of the friends to play as well as the unpredictability of work assignments of those uncertain times as a result of none aside from our very best friend, COVID-19.

Exactly what a dedicated host could perform

Asynchronous collective advancement

With a separate host, players may decouple their gambling programs from one another, and play any time they desire and contribute to the collective advancement of a shared planet. By way of instance, I could only enter the game and devote one hour or so simply to cut a whole forest of trees with the only aim of relieving stress yet in doing this, I may make use of the wood got to replenish the stockpile in the base that was used early in the day for construction walls.

This component of asynchronous collective advancement, in my own estimation, is exactly what makes Valheim extremely enjoyable and probably among the principal reasons supporting Valheim’s meteoric success thus far. It requires the strain of organizing schedules one of the friends out from the game and gives every participant the chance to play a team, even when nobody can agree with an opportunity to play with together.

Performance De-coupling

Still another advantage is the dedicated host decouples the functioning of the server by the operation of one’s PC. As an example, should you chance to get a less than an ordinary computer, then hosting a Valheim game might lead to different players bottle-necking in your PC’s system connection or even CPU resources.

Using a dedicated server, your personal laptop has become freed from the responsibility of calculating world changes for different players simply must concentrate on that your own game encounter. In addition to that, the enjoyment of the rest of the players won’t be diminished whenever you’re having performance problems.

Though that’s not really a valid explanation for not obtaining a better-specced computer, however at the least once there is apparently some lag with all a dedicated host, now you can talk about the pain with one other player and also pin the blame onto the machine.


No matter whether you’re a solo player or multiplayer with close good associates, disaster recovery is also a significant facet of each and each service that is at the least semi-critical. Imagine investing in ~two hours every day for each player, at a host of 6 people, establishing a base, a pier, a castle, amassing resources, all over a few weeks, just to drop all that advancement once the host computer expires. That is readily 180 man-hours lost!

With a separate host, based upon the execution which you pick to deploy, an individual can schedule copies of this game universe, and at any moment, restore their condition of the entire whole globe to a certain backup.

As for me, I schedule backups every fifteen minutes, to ensure the most lack is bound by fifteen minutes, and that I maintain the copies for as much as 2-4 hours, even only in case something goes horribly incorrect.

The Installation

Together with that speaking of this way in which, let us get to the installation!

Even the Rock Pi X includes a soldered-on eMMC module, and this is a death from the ordinary modular eMMC on its own arm64 sister product, the Rock Pi 4, nonetheless, it’s a trade off which needs to be made whilst the BIOS doesn’t justify such as the storage being phased.

Overall, Here Is What the price of the Whole installation resembles:

* SGD/USD exchange speed is 0.746268 at the time of composing

This really is what the last installment resembles, with all the older audience stand instance.

I did have a review of this ODROID H 2 + however with all that it’s necessarily out of stock, it costs quite somewhat longer together with all components contained. In reality, the entire price tag of an Odroid H 2 + installation is sufficient to buy me two Rock Pi X installations!

In case you are still undecided, here is the price breakdown for the Odroid H 2 +:

* SGD/USD exchange speed is 0.746268 at the time of composing
Inch This transport prices Far Too far in my view

Still another reason I picked that the Rock Pi X is its own size. Even the Rock Pi X, including most x86 SBCs, adopts the Raspberry-Pi form variable, which saves a huge amount of space. As an additional bonus, the form factor ensures it matches my own GeauxRobot Raspberry-Pi bunch instance, recycled out of my older retired bunch, the Octopi.

Why don’t you blur VMs?

I’d believe the choice of conducting Valheim onto a cloud computing system however it was pretty pricey also.

Predicated on the adventures of Redditors at r/valheim, it looks like the dedicated host necessitates two vCPU along with 3GB RAM. I hunted throughout the 3 big cloud providers to discover the lowest prices offered and also the table below shows what I have found.

* SGD/USD exchange speed is 0.746268 at the time of composing

Be aware that the costs above exclude any disc picture expenses, where snapshots have been utilized to regain your computer data if there be devastating data loss or corruption. This exposes one to the additional threat of losing all of the advancement from the whole world you and friends and family jointly assembled.

In an effort to further decrease the cost of these VMs, I have even reduced the virtual system’s case class to Position /Low Priority/ / Preemptible, determined by the cloud supplier, however, they mean exactly the same matter:

What this means is in trade for a reduction, you cover concerning the uncertainty of the access to your servers. For a passionate game host, it’s generally nice, even although it’s pretty regarding as Valheim conserves at 20-minute periods, therefore if your VM dissipates as you and your pals are playing, then you might stand to lose 20 moments of advancement, which might sound insignificant but may prove to be rather bothersome when it happens usually.

From the table, we can observe that AWS delivers the most economical VMs for the necessary specs. However, if we were to select out of Position example class and proceed for on-demand, that’s the normal category of VMs without a probability of conclusion, then the price jumps to US$34.79 (S$46.79) a month! To place things in perspective, meaning about a few weeks of incurred cloud outlays, you are already able to buy a more Rock Pi X.

Let’s assume that the case class is no problem for you, then a break-even point is pushed to approximately 8 weeks of cloud invoices. Me personally, I promise myself playing this game for 8 weeks, also, I am a massive fan of self-hosting on-premise therefore that I picked the Rock Pi X in the long run.

I am running Debian Buster installed by means of a bootable USB, using default settings with the exclusion of zram logging along with zram swap to give the life span of this eMMC module with reducing/redirecting writes out of pruning and logging.

Docker picture and setup

In terms of graphic choice, I picked mbround18/valheim-docker because of the ease of setup however there are different alternatives worth considering like lloesche/valheim-server-docker that’s more feature-packed.

Lastly, here is the docker run control for mbround18/valheim-docker Together with my surroundings variable settings:

Docker operate -d \

Some notable setup values I have put:

That would be always to make certain you do not come across consent problems using volume mounts.
AUTO_UPDATE/ / AUTO_UPDATE_SCHEDULE: I have allowed auto upgrades and place the host to upgrade at 8:05 AM that’s an occasion when players are sure to be perhaps maybe not offline (when everyone’s either exercising or working ). Enough period given by the crown saying here is contingent upon the right set of this time zone at TZ

AUTO_BACKUP/ / AUTO_BACKUP_PAUSE_WITH_NO_PLAYERSI place the machine to carry out an auto-backup in a default frequency of every fifteen minutes and also to pause auto-backups whenever there are not any players. This lowers the disc writes from copies up to 75 percent as in just about any certain day that the server is only going to see busy players at ~6 outside of twenty-four hours and at the time when there are not many players, the entire world remains frozen at the specific same condition, therefore, there’s not any demand for additional copies.

WEBHOOK_URLI place this on my Discord station’s Webhook URL that enables for host status alarms from the station, giving my friends a while vulnerability into perhaps the machine is operating.

Port forwarding

Each router has another interface therefore you will need to look for assistance for that particular one in the event that you haven’t ever tried it.

Linking to the host

There are just two methods to hook up into this host, via Steam host or in-game server browser, however, there is a much more quick way that is not too well recorded, that will be defining the host via the launching options.

I have been running the host for at least 3 weeks today and also the host has achieved 99% uptime before 1 month as monitored by BattleMetrics (The downtime was largely out of scratching my itch, trying out the host, also inadvertently bringing down it).

I’ve experienced unexplainable performance problems thus far. The only real problems I have experienced are well known problems with the game itself, however mercifully, ‘ve since been repaired from the 0.148.6 patch on 2-3 March, 2020.

I have taken dimensions of this game’s resource use with htop and calculated the averages below.

With the four cores along with 4GB of RAM, the game leaves a significant little headroom.

Current condition

I have since joined the Rock Pi X to my arm64 audience, Leviathan (place onto it), and booted the dedicated host in my K3s Kubernetes bunch therefore it ignites the present distributed cube storage.

I discover using maximalhosting is very good if you self-host multiple programs, however, perhaps maybe not really much if you should be just planning to conduct a Valheim server, so hence I didn’t suggest it at the guidelines sooner.

Can I Suggest This?

Yes but as long as you are a tinkerer. There really certainly are a range of small hiccups over how they often are somewhat typical of backpacks, so much it has come to be a reflex for me to handle them but can end up being excruciating if you aren’t interested in resolving small issues and merely need a functional solution with the smallest amount of effort and time.

If you plan to dive headfirst into the rabbit hole of self-hosting, afterward definitely yes. I’d recommend this as your very first job since it’s relatively straightforward as well as also the roadblocks you will face will assist you in debugging different programs. The reason for the job and also the feeling of pride you will receive as everything computes may help drive you in this undertaking.