Choosing Between the 6 Drawer Dresser and the 4 drawer Dresser With an Anti-Tipping Device

Choosing Between the 6 Drawer Dresser and the 4 drawer Dresser With an Anti-Tipping Device

One of the greatest investments you can make for your nursery is buying one or more baby dressers. These are much better than placing a changing table on the floor because it not only keeps your baby dry and comfortable but is far safer as well. A changing table can be easily tripped over and injured and a baby dresser will protect your investment from getting scratched, cut or torn. Below is a list of items that a changing table and dresser combination should contain.

Small drawer: Purchasing several small drawer sets for your baby dressers is a great idea. These sets come in varying sizes and styles. Generally they have a medium, large and extra-large drawer for clothing or toys. The small drawer is perfect for storing a few towels, a blanket or a handful of baby wipes, all of which will not go to waste when taking them out of the dresser.

Manual dresser with or without arm extension: If you purchase a standard dresser with no arm extension, you may notice that it tends to be very heavy and awkward to lift. An easy solution to this problem is to purchase one that has an arm extension that goes from side to side. Some of these accessories have wheels so that they can be moved around. These baby dressers, which are generally called changing tables, generally do not need assembly required.

Solid wood drawer: Purchasing wooden nursery dressers is a very wise decision. These types of dressers are often easier to clean because they don’t tend to rot like other materials. In addition to this, solid wood dressers are usually less expensive and offer a more classic look to any baby room. You may also be able to find wooden dressers that have intricate hand carved designs, which make for very beautiful baby dressers.

The 6 drawer baby dresser changing table is the ideal choice for your first baby. This style of dresser allows you to keep track of your baby’s clothing sizes. They are also very convenient to use. They do not take up much space and can fit right in the corner of a room, where they will be seen by your baby but not get in the way. Because they have six compartments, it is best that you have at least two of them and possibly up to three extra ones for different sizes of clothing.

Fabric drawers: These types of dressers require assembly, but it isn’t difficult. The good thing about fabric dressers is that you can move them to a different location if you have more than one baby. They also stack easily, so it is easy to move them around if you have more than one baby.

The four drawer dresser with or without an anti-tipping device is another style, you may consider. An anti-tipping device makes it much easier for parents to move the drawer by themselves while lifting and lowering the drawer on their own. However, there is one downfall to having an anti-tipping device, it does lessen the convenience of having these types of dressers.

There are many more styles of changing tables, such as the chest-high changing table or the changing table with an attached chair. Both styles look nice and both offer plenty of storage for baby clothing and supplies. It is important to know what you are looking for before shopping for a baby dresser. Once you have chosen the style of dresser that best suits your needs, make sure that you do all the necessary measurements before ordering. This will ensure that you order the correct size and that you purchase the right product.